Incision Free Surgery

Technology has certainly changed the face of weight loss surgeries over the years. At one time, having any type of weight loss surgery would leave the patient with a large visible scar. That is no longer the case and there are several weight loss surgeries that are incision free.

How to incision free surgeries work? 

Surgeons are now learning how to use their tools to complete surgeries using natural orifices to the body, such as through the throat or vagina. Some of these surgeries are still quite new and experimental, but are becoming more commonplace and they are proven to work well. Incision free surgeries mean that there is less recovery time and no scarring.  

There are several different types of these surgeries that will aid in weight loss without the use of incisions. Types of incision free weight loss surgeries include,

  1. Gastric Balloon 
  2. Endoluminal Sleeve (EndoBarrier) 
  3. StomaphyX 
  4. Transoral Gastroplasty (Toga) 
  5. Transoral ROSE 

If you are interested in these new techniques, please talk to your weight loss doctor. 

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