What To Expect from Bariatric Surgery?

As you explore your options for bariatric surgery, you should also take the time to learn about the expectations. Weight loss surgery is not a quick fix and it is not a diet or exercise program you can abandon when you get tired of it. Instead, bariatric surgery will help you lose weight over time, slowly. You definitely must make a firm commitment to change your diet and lifestyle forever - not just a few months or a couple of years.

Expectation after surgery

Many people who have obesity surgery or restorative weight loss surgery, are prepared to show physical signs of change, but often are not prepared for other changes that will take place. Bypass patients often experience a whole new outlook on life—as they begin to lose a large amount of weight, they look at themselves differently and they look at those around them differently as well. In most cases, these are all good changes—you will get a boost in your confidence and self esteem, but it can be bad as well. A person that has always been heavy may suddenly find that they attract more attention once they start losing weight. This may be a change that some people find uncomfortable.

People also may change how they act around you and how they interact with you, whether intentional or not. They may be careful about offering you food or stop invitingb seek you out more than they did because they find your surgery a fascinating topic of discussion. These are changes that often happen that you need to think about.

You must bear in mind that the bariatric surgery itself will not change you...

Your entire outlook on exercise, food and life in general will start to change. More often, you will find that you are changing for the better. Your quality of life will start to improve and you will find that you are capable of doing things you shied away from before.

When you realize that losing the weight may not be all you have to do after the bariatric surgery, you should consider what else will need to be done. You know that you will have to carefully follow the post surgical instructions and carefully monitor what you eat and how much you eat. You know that your attitudes and behavior will change.

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